Air Freight

air freight


We handle basic air freight operation service for

  • Import and Export Consolidations

  • Airport to Airport, Door to Door and Intermediate Options Available

  • Expedite and Flexible Flight Schedules (Express and Economy)

  • Scheduled and Time Sensitive Retrievals/Deliveries

  • Chartering

Air Freight

We have two branch offices at Incheon International Airport near of Seoul city and Kimhae International Airport near of Busan city. These offices handle many of import and export shipments from(to) world wide including raw material, electronic and household goods, semiconductor, I.C., exhibition goods and dangerous cargo.

Forwarding Interface Management System connected each office by Intranet. Those branch offices and Seoul head office can manage each shipment individually or can provide non stop logistics service for individual process by the integrated management system. reasonable service with attractive rates to customers.

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